Our Vision  

A home is a reflection of the self. BRG Custom Homes excels in translating your ideas into reality; it's where function meets style, quality and elegance.


At BRG Custom Homes, we combine commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, and design excellence to create homes that work in concert with landís particular attributes such as rolling hills, lakes, streams, and woods which define your natural environment. We seek fresh, thought-provoking, timeless looks that meet the needs of our homeowners and communities. Itís about commitment, commitment to the land and commitment to you - the BRG Homeowner.

We apply the knowledge gained from over 20 years of residential and commercial building to fulfill the needs of the most discriminating purchaser. BRG is renowned for both the extraordinary beauty and superior construction quality built into every home, with direction both by and for people who recognize and appreciate excellence. Permit us the opportunity to discuss the development of your custom home.

The BRG Custom Homes team is focused on a single goal: helping customers achieve their new dream home. Servicing the customer is central to the company's business philosophy. While the firm's customers can take confidence in working with a large, well-regarded organization, they can also be assured their new home project will receive uncompromising, individual attention.

What Makes BRG Custom Homes Different?

Quality, Quality. BRG Custom Homes stands apart from other builders by having over 20 years of residential and commercial building experience using the highest quality materials necessary to construct the perfect environment. The quality is seen in the details - from soaring ceilings and grand archways to natural lighting and fabulous hardwood or natural stone flooring. Steeped pitches and gabled rooflines define the sense of grandeur and individuality.

Personal Service. Personal service throughout every phase of design, construction, and on-going customer service create an unequaled level of homeowner satisfaction. The company's work is highly regarded for its design and innovation, earning them many awards. At BRG Custom Homes, company founder Stanley Berger, his sons Michael and Steven and partner Louis Beaudet combine their multi-faceted expertise and high energy to craft homes of unprecedented style and value.

What Else?

And, there's still more. Find out what makes BRG Custom Homes your only choice.  Click for more details.