the brg process  

As our home buyer, prior to construction, you are invited to explore the building process. Consult with your construction team; any inquiries you have concerning the building schedule will be answered.


Take a tour of your new home with a BRG Custom Homes construction representative at your side. Together, you will explore the superior amenities you have chosen to embellish your home, and confirm that the elective features you have selected are suitably installed.


BRG Custom Homes cares just as much about the quality of your new home as you do. That's why we conduct our own quality assurance assessment prior to your final tour. In the unlikely event that any touch-ups or repairs are needed; they will be completed at this time. Your new home will then be cleaned in anticipation of your arrival.




After your home is complete, our representatives will take you on a tour of your new home.


Once you have had enough time to begin truly living in your new home, we follow up with you to guarantee your complete satisfaction.


As our homebuyer, your continued satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our 11-month service check ensures that, even nearly a year after your home has been built, all of the exceptional amenities, which you selected, are functioning at optimal efficiency.


And, there's still more. Find out what makes BRG Custom Homes your only choice. Our home warranty is second to none.  Click for more details.