mortgage calculator  


Our calculator will compute the monthly principal and interest payment estimates on a mortgage. To use the calculator, type over the default values (do not use commas or dollar signs anywhere) and press the calculate button.



Sales Price of the Home:

Anticipated Down Payment Percent:

Estimated Interest Rate:

Discount Points Paid at Closing:

Estimated Annual Property Taxes:

Estimated Annual Homeowners Insurance:

Select the Term of the Loan:

Closing costs are based on an average of customary closing costs around the nation and include a 1% origination fee; your actual closing costs will reflect costs common and customary to your area and may vary according to specific product type selected. 

Prepaid expenses include 30-days prepaid interest and 2 month's escrow for taxes, home owners insurance, and private mortgage insurance, if applicable; actual prepaid expenses may vary according to closing date and property location.

Reserves are funds available to borrower after closing and do not have to be paid to lender.

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